Traffic and Highway Engineering, Fourth Edition, is designed for students in engineering programs where courses in transportation, highway, or traffic engineering are offered. In most cases, these courses are taught in the third or fourth year but are also covered at the graduate level. This book also is designed to serve as a professional reference. 
Traffic and Highway Engineering (4th Edition) by Nicholas J. Garber & Lester A. Hoel
Thus, the objectives of this textbook are: 
  1. To be a contemporary and complete text in highway and traffic engineering that can be used primarily at the undergraduate level. It may be used at the graduate level for courses that emphasize highway topics. Due to its complete coverage of the material, the

    textbook is designed for flexible use in developing a single course or for use in two or more courses.
  2. To serve as a reference for engineers in the highway field and as a study guide for use in preparing for the professional engineering license exam, review courses, and preparation for graduate comprehensive exams in transportation engineering.


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