31 Oct 2011
Dry Creek, South Australia, based contractor McMahon Services has gain recognition for work it carried out on Housing SA's Birkenhead site, in the north-west of Adelaide, South Australia. The contract was carried out by McMahon together with Integrated Waste Services and Ziltek, and was valued at AU2.5 million (€1.9 million). They have been awarded a Civil Contractors Federation National Earth Award for civil construction projects costing between AU$1 and AU5 million (€0.75 and €3.8).

The contract required that the 15,000 square metres (162,000 square feet) site be completely cleared of all structures, after which 6,000 tonnes of contaminated soil and 2,000 tonnes of highly contaminated soil was removed. Thisl was removed to a waste treatment plant that could handle the highly contaminated soil near Dublin, also near Adelaide.


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