Retrofitting Design of Building Structures by 'Xilin Lu'

Retrofitting of building structures, including maintenance, rehabilitation and strengthening, is not only an important issue in urban construction and management, but also a frequent problem to structural engineers in property management disciplines. This book is based on the work of the authors who have carried out various structural retrofitting practices, followed the basic principles of structural analysis and design, and indicatively used various structural codes for design, assessment and retrofitting of building structures using newly developed technologies worldwide.
Beginning with the procedure of structural retrofitting, this book gradually introduces the significance of structural retrofitting; the inspection methods for structural materials, structural deformation and damages; retrofitting design methods and construction requirements of various structural systems; and some practical examples of structural retrofitting design and construction. In the introduction of various practical examples, emphasis is put not only upon conceptual design, but also on constructional procedure design, so that a structural retrofitting design work should be completed by both structural analysis and detailed constructional measures.
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