Book: Strength of Materials and Structures by John Case, Lord Chilver, Carl T.F Ross
Stress analysis is an important part of engineering science, as failure of most engineering components is usually due to stress. The component under a stress investigation can vary from the legs of an integrated circuit to the legs of an offshore drilling rig, or from a submarine pressure hull to the fuselage of a jumbo jet aircraft. The book chapter will commence with elementary trigonometric definitions and show how elementary trigonometry can be used for analyzing simple pin-jointed frameworks (or trusses).
This new edition is updated by Professor Ross, and whle it retains much of the basic and traditional work in Case & Chllver’s Strength of Materials and Structures, it introduces modem numerical techques, such as matrix and finite element methods. Additionally, because of the difficulties experienced by many of today’s students with basic traditional mathematics, the book includes an introductory chapter which covers in some detail the application of elementary mathematics to some problems involving simple statics.


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