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Comparison of Aluminum and UPVC Doors & Windows

Comparison of Aluminum and UPVC Doors & Windows

Aluminum and unplasticized polyvinyl chloride have their inherent advantages and disadvantages for use in doors and windows. The comparison can be summarized as under:-

Noise reduction
Aluminum windows and doors are better for noise reduction because of their greater mass.
Vinyl frames are not good at noise reduction as compared to aluminum.
Aluminum doors and windows are stronger than UPVC.
UPVC frames are not as stronger as these of aluminum.
Corrodes when exposed to air born chemicals, salts and pollution.
UPVC frames are corrosion resistant and impervious to rust, rot and flaking.
Slightly lower in insulation values especially in bitterly cold areas.
Higher resistance to heat or cold transfer. 
Expansion & warping
Very less expansion and warping in high temperature variations.
May warp and end over time, especially in areas that experience temperature variation over the year.
Long life of 25 years.
Less life of about 15 to 20 years.
Repair and replacement
Aluminum doors and windows repair men are available across the country.
Available only at selected places.
Varies in different regions of the world.
Varies in different regions of the world.
Lots of colour options are available.
Limited colour options are available.
Architect always prefer aluminum.
Very low preference by Architects.

Aluminum frames are main alternate to wood and are still popular for industrial, residential and commercial use, the main selling point is their long life and that they are easily replaceable and broken pan is easy to replace in the frame.Vinyl windows are made in the same way as aluminum windows but with the vinyl extrusion forming a frame around the glass, resulting in better thermal efficiency but higher maintenance.Cost wise there is a little difference between aluminum and vinyl doors and windows.
Both aluminum and UPVC (doors and windows) products serve their respective market however aluminum has several distinct advantages over UPVC.


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