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50 Best Small Business Ideas for Civil Engineers in 2018

Are you a civil engineer looking to start a business to earn extra money? If YES, here are 50 best small business ideas for civil engineers in 2018.

The construction industry is singlehandedly responsible for the enhancement of infrastructures worldwide. A country or city’s development can be linked to the role civil engineers play in terms of construction of sky scrapers, shopping malls, office complexes and a host of others.

If you are a civil engineer and would love to dabble into business, the following are 50 business ideas you can select from.
50 Best Small Business Ideas for Civil Engineers in 2018

1. Begin a construction company

For civil engineers, this is one of the most common businesses to begin. You can carry out the registration of your construction company in order to start. Becoming successful in this business, aside from knowing how to deliver quality work, would require remarkable networking skills with individuals who have the capacity to provide you with remarkable construction projects.

Starting a construction company if you have the required know-how can be a remarkable business venture.

2. Start a cement manufacturing plant

This is another business that a civil engineer can dabble into. Although starting this business may require a bit of capital, selling the cement would not be too difficult especially if your rates are highly competitive. Asides that, you can link up with other civil engineers and sell to them whenever they have projects to carry out.

The profitability of this business is quite high and you stand the chance of making lots of profit especially in areas where buildings are just beginning to spring up.

3. Start manufacturing bricks and blocks

This is another great venture for civil engineers. It does not require that much startup capital, and as long as there are buildings under construction, with the appropriate connection and network, this could be a very thriving business. The construction industry is the major user of blocks so ensure you make connections with these industries to get the best out of your business venture.

4. Start Selling Cement

This is another profitable venture for civil engineers. Before going into this business, it is best to look for a location where this business is bound to thrive. The best location for this kind of business is one that is not so far from construction and development sites or other related areas.

5. Start Manufacturing Roofing Materials

This is another great venture a civil engineer can try out. In construction, a building is incomplete without a roof, this means that the profitability of this business is on a very large scale. This business is a bit capital intensive but if you have the capacity, you would be able to make great profit in no time.

6. Begin Gathers Rental

This is another great business idea which is certain to generate revenue. Gathers are utilized during plastering, roofing, painting among a host of others in high rise buildings and story buildings.

If you have the required capital to produce gathers as well as adequate space to safeguard them, then this is a business that you should put into consideration. The running cost of this business is low and profit is huge if you are able to appeal to construction companies that will rent your gathers frequently.

7. Begin a Nail Production Business

Nails are a necessity for construction. If you are in search of a business venture that would bring you enough funds, then a great business to begin is nail production. Your knowledge as a civil engineer would help you know the kind of nails in demand and which to keep in stock. The market for nails is quite large and if you have a great marketing strategy, you can break into the market easily.

8. Provide bricklaying services

As a civil engineer, another great way of making cash is to provide bricklaying services. You can top off your skills by going for adequate training. If you have the capital, you can hire additional hands while you look for the contracts and supervise the work being carried out.

9. Embark on the Supply of Sand and Gravel

Another business which is highly profitable that civil engineers can begin is the supply of sharp sand and gravel. There is hardly any job that has to do with building in which these two items are not required. Your skills as a civil engineer can provide you with the basic knowledge of selecting sand of great quality. Additionally, all you would require to begin this business is a truck, tipper and the needed permits.

10. Begin a construction cleaning business

Another great business which is highly profitable that can be carried out by a civil engineer has to do with the cleaning of sites before and after construction. Most construction companies always carry out cleaning on any construction site before they begin. This is also done after construction as well. This business is highly profitable as new constructions keep going on every time.

11. Start a tiles and marbles manufacturing business

This is another great business venture as most houses being built of recent always make use of tiles and marbles for flooring. This means the market for this business is very large and even though it is quite capital intensive, you can be sure of making profit in a short while if you have the ability to market your products. The great thing about this business is that it can be done in an international level.

12. Start fixing interlocking slabs and Tiles

This is another available small business opportunity. It has to do with the fixing of marbles, paving stones and tiles. It is a great way to make some cash as a civil engineer, and just a little amount of training is required.

It is ideal to have the proper network so as to thrive in this business and make profit in little or no time.

13. Begin the sale of Tractors

Tractors are crucial in the development of buildings. It is a major equipment used for construction so the market base for them is quite large. Although you may not have the needed funds to compete with the main producers of these machines, you can make plans with a tractor manufacturer you desire so they can give you the opportunity to become a merchant for their products.

14. Begin a business of fixing POP

This is yet another means to make funds as a civil engineer. POPs are placed on buildings to make them beautiful. If you want to begin this business, all you require is a little training on the appropriate ways to fix POP. Once that is done, you can begin by making the appropriate connections that would ensure you make as much profit as possible from constant construction businesses.

15. Begin a building wiring business

Without the appropriate electrical wiring, a building is not complete. If you are a civil engineer that has learnt about buildings, you can add this to your portfolio and learn how to set up the wiring in buildings. If you are very efficient, this is a very profitable business especially if you have the appropriate network.

16. Start producing gates and doors

This is another great business a civil engineer can thrive in. It has to do with the manufacturing of gates and doors. A building is not finished without these two items. You can also become specialized and start manufacturing security doors. The market for these kinds of doors is large and it is a very profitable business.

17. Begin a business of Burglary Fixing

Although this business is usually meant for welders, if you have the appropriate capital to invest, you can get a professional welder to come work for you. You also have a choice of undergoing the required training. To thrive in this business, ensure you have the appropriate network so as to get constant business and revenue.

18. Start selling construction equipment

As a civil engineer, you can begin the sale of construction equipment. Some of these equipment like pans, shovels and mixers can easily be gotten in any construction shop. All you require to begin this business is the appropriate funding to stock up your shop with construction materials for sale.

19. Start a Borehole Drilling Business

In most areas of the world, construction companies always look for their own source of water during a project. At times they may hire the services of a tanker driver to aid them in the delivery of water. If the local government gives you the authority to do so, you can drill your own borehole yourself. So if you have an interest in starting this business as a civil engineer in countries like Nigeria where you can drill boreholes as you desire, you can go into the business and enjoy lots of profit.

20. Provide land survey services

This is another profitable business venture to dabble into. Before a building is constructed, there has to be a survey of the land and because of this, the market for land survey services is large. Before going into this business, ensure you have the appropriate network and decide your target market. If you do great jobs, you are bound to get recommendations from your clients.

21. Begin a Logging Business

This is another great business for civil engineers who want to go into entrepreneurship. The logging industry is a very massive one in most countries. They are recognized to be the main individuals when it has to do with home construction. Most homes in Canada and U.S.A were constructed using logs, hence selling logs is a great idea.

Beginning a logging business may require a bit of capital but it is a profitable venture. It requires much capital because of the amount of funds needed to buy equipment for logging and getting the required permits and licences. Nonetheless, it is still a great business to venture into.

22. Lawn Care Services

This is another good business for an entrepreneur especially those that love construction related businesses. Interestingly, this is one of the few businesses an entrepreneur can make it big without necessarily working so hard. Major requirements for a successful career here is high level of creativity as well as willingness to go the extra mile. You must be willing to convince clients that you are capable and able to deliver great jobs.

23. Wall Paper Fixing

This is of course another construction related business for civil engineers. With wallpapers that are produced in 3D format, apartments are made more beautiful and highly presentable. This business remains one of the simple, easy to go into and lucrative business in the construction related businesses. Successful business people in this line are good marketers of their services, and they have strong networking skills.

24. Plumbing Business

It is a well known fact that a house is not complete without full plumbing services. There is a scarcity of plumbing experts in communities in recent times. It is important to note that you can make lots of money here. You can work alone or with few employees in this business.

25. Landscaping Services

Landscaping is another business opportunity that offers great financial reward. This business entails environment beautification. Landscape architecture entails a number of processes that include the planning, designing, management, preservation as well as rehabilitation of the land and landed properties. In this business, you will need to work very hard before financial rewards can result. The civil engineer must learn to be skilled in negotiation and be able to convince prospective clients that he or she can deliver quality work.

26. Haulage Services

Haulage business is another making money venture within the construction industry for civil engineers. In the real sense of it, haulage business handles the movement of materials needed on construction sites such as gravel, cement, blocks, rods, sand, construction equipment as well as other stuffs. This shows that haulage business is a cool way of making money in the construction industry. Target these materials sellers and building contractors and make your money from them.

27. Construction Equipment Rental Business

Construction equipment rental business is a great business venture for civil engineers. Any serious civil engineer willing to start a business may consider this a lucrative option.

Construction equipment include tractors, concrete mixers, cranes, gathers etc and they are always needed on construction sites. This business is relatively capital intensive as those construction equipment cost a fortune especially the likes of cranes and tractors. Endeavor to network with stakeholders in the construction industry and ensure your office location is strategic enough to attract customers.

28. Property Development Business

This is a wonderful construction related business with lots of profit opportunities. By division, it is categorized as a construction business and it has the capacity to enrich serious entrepreneurs within a short time. This business encompasses all activities that include land purchase, rent or lease and selling, leasing or renting out of furnished properties.

In essence, it is the duty of developers to turn ideas into real properties. This means that developers acquire land, finance real estate deals and then conclude the building projects. After this, they offer the property for sale, lease, rent as well as manage properties on client’s behalf.

29. Safety Gadgets Production

Of course safety gadgets are construction related materials needed during construction. They include Safety Helmets, C – Caution, Safety Boots and other safety materials.

This is another business that a civil engineer can go into. Since work cannot be done except these gadgets are worn, it means that the market is large. Safety gadgets like helmets, safety boots, protective goggles, overalls, safety vest (bib) etc. are important and needed in large quantities. So if you are thinking of starting this business, note that you are required to work with the standard and specifications issued by the regulatory bodies within the industry.

30. Interior Decoration Services

This is a construction related business as well as a home improvement service. Interior decoration entails the making of offices and homes more beautiful, as well as giving buildings a facelift. Activities may include things like apartment color selection, lighting selection, blind selection and several other activities required to show forth the beauty of a house. This is a very lucrative business that is demanded every now and then.

31. Aluminum Products Manufacturing

Lots of products can be produced from aluminium and some of these products include windows, roofs, doors, pans etc. If you seek a construction related business to go into, you may consider venturing into the production of aluminium products.

This is thriving and lucrative business. Before you begin this business, endeavour to carry out a thorough business research so as to spot the sellable aluminium products and to build a workable marketing concept for the product.

32. Furniture Polishing Business

Furniture polishing services is another leading business that a serious civil engineer who is ready to make money should consider. There are thousands of people who are willing and ready to pay for this service out there. Furniture like cupboard, cabins, wardrobe, tables, shelves as well as any wooden product can come back to live and shine out its beauty if well polished.

33. Water Closet and Ceramic Wares Production

Washing hand basins as well as water closets remain part of essentials in any building. A building without a toilet is regarded as not complete. This stresses the high demand for water closets and other ceramic wares. So you may consider starting a manufacturing company for these products.

34. Home Painting Business

Home painting is another highly profitable business within the sphere of construction related businesses. Any serious civil engineer with the appropriate training can make lots of money from this area. Home painting is a way to beautify the house after construction. This shows that great money making opportunities abound in this business venture.

35. Floor Cleaning Services

Floors irrespective of the type such as tiles, terrazzo, marbles, wooden floors etc all require cleaning and stain removal services. This is another thriving and lucrative business that any focused civil engineer who wants to make money from construction related businesses can consider.

Although this business also falls under the cleaning industry, it is best to note that professionalism in general cleaning services is required. To make it real big here, please go through training before setting out or simply learn from a successful person in the business.

36. Overhead and Underground Tanks Supply Business

This is another profitable business venture in that any ambitious civil engineer can delve into and make lots of money.

Both overhead and underground tanks are used for water storage in buildings as well as on construction sites. It is difficult to find a building without at least one overhead tank or an underground tank. This business doesn’t require technical skills to initiate and run. Your startup capital and registration are all you need for the business. You also need to build good business relationships with stakeholders in the construction industry.

37. Iron rods Supply

Iron rods are part of the major building materials that are used in construction. Iron rods are primarily used for re-enforcement, railings, as well as for burglary proofs. This therefore shows its large market demand in the construction industry.

Both technical knowledge and experience are not required before you can go into this business. Startup capital and business registration are the major things you need to kick start the business while networking with stakeholders in construction sites is needed to grow the business.

38. Setting up Air conditioners

This business is highly lucrative amidst businesses in the construction value chain. Any aspiring entrepreneur can successfully begin the installation of electric water heaters and air conditions in buildings. There is a great demand for this business most especially if you are a good salesperson. Endeavour to work and network with site supervisors and other stakeholders in the industry. They are your best business leverage.

39. Ceiling Production

Recently, people now make use of POP, but the sale of other ceiling materials is not affected by the advent of POP. Ceiling materials such as asbestos, wood as well as other ceiling materials are still in use in the construction industry. This is a great business opportunity for civil engineers. The only challenge is pushing your products into the market.

40. Bitumen and Tar Supply

Road construction and maintenance are some of the key components of civil engineering. Two major raw materials used when constructing roads are tar and bitumen. This shows that there is a great demand for tar and bitumen. One of the businesses that is profitable and thriving is the supply of tar and bitumen. You can network your business with the ministry of works or public works department (PWD) in your country and make valuable profit.

41. Construction Consultant

Normally before any construction contract is awarded to contractors, a construction consultant is usually called upon to look into the entire project.

Construction consultants look into the construction plans and other related matters and then offer advice to individuals, government and corporate organizations so as to be properly guided before going into the construction job proper.

If you possess the appropriate qualifications as well as lots of experience in the construction industry as a civil engineer, starting a construction consulting business is not a bad idea. If you deliver quality insight, you are sure to get long term contracts with both corporate bodies and the government of your country.

42. Maintenance of Roofs

Roof maintenance and restoration is a lucrative and thriving business in the construction industry. Every civil engineer can initiate this business with moderate training.

Generally, roofs wear and tear as a result of exposure to hash climatic conditions. This is why roofs leak within a period of time. Roof maintenance and restoration companies do fix leakages in roofs and as well replace worn out roofs with new ones. This business can be classified into post construction maintenance business and is highly lucrative.

43. Part-Time Lessons on Civil Engineering

Civil engineers can teach part-time lessons to aspiring civil engineers. The customer base includes students in universities and other civil engineers who desire to learn more in their field. This is a great idea for a civil engineer with great skill in the field.

44. Blogging

This is another well-known business venture world-wide. A civil engineer can startup a blog and write on articles that are related to civil engineering. With time and consistency, the appropriate crowd would be directed to the site and money can be made off adverts especially if your blog is known to be a reliable one.

45. E-book writer

As a civil engineer who is well versed in his/her field, you can begin writing eBooks to make profit. You do not have to be an exceptional writer as what is required is your idea. You can get the assistance of an editor to help you in making your eBook more professional. If you have great insights, you are going to attract clients and make money off the sales of your eBook.

46. Freelance Civil engineer

This is another great business venture for civil engineers. You can offer your services on a freelance basis and get clients from anywhere. If you always do great jobs, your clients would spread the word and with time your customer base would increase tremendously. This is a great business if you really know what you are doing.

47. Construction of roads

As a civil engineer, you can network with the government and get contracts to construct roads. This is a great source of income if you know the right people to link up with. Additionally, if your work is great, you stand the chance of making lots of cash and getting future government contracts.

48. Offer childproof services

This is another business which has a high demand. You can offer to make homes child proof for parents by installing equipment round the home that would keep children safe.

49. Chimney repairs

A lot of homes and companies still make use of chimneys. They are prone to damages and a good business venture is offering repair services for these chimneys. There is a lot of money to be made as a civil engineer if you go into cleaning and repair of chimneys.

50. Construction estimation service

As a civil engineer with the appropriate experience, this can be a great business venture. You render services by offering companies or individuals who want to build homes estimation services. You are called in as an expert to assist them in determining the possible amount they would spend so as to prevent them from spending excessive amount of cash. This is a great business if you are great at what you do.

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