Choosing the right calculator for your needs can be a tough job. But you can compare some of the best calculators in the industry with our brief but useful list below. The features and number of functions vary from calculator to calculator. Some have around a hundred functions while others have several hundred. Some calculators have bright, well lit screens, while others are more difficult to see but users favor the style. Depending upon your needs, you’re sure to find the calculator for you on this list.

This graphing calculator has a very high resolution backlit display. It’s likely the highest quality display available on any scientific calculator. The calculator is lightweight and available in plum, red, denim, blueberry, gray, gold, silver and white. The battery may get weak quickly if you use it a lot. A huge benefit is the fast processor. It comes with a user guide and double sided cable. The only complaint that some users have is that the font is too small. It’s great for high school students taking advanced math. If you need to easily graph complicated expressions, this is the calculator for you.

Create bar graphs and pie charts with ease. The screen is easy to read in a number of different lighting situations. Enjoy a high speed RAM CPU and USB connectivity, making it easy to share files. Some users have said that it’s not the easiest to program. However, the functions are easy to understand. It comes with a well organized user manual.

This calculator has 30% more screen space than the previous version and most other scientific calculators for that matter. It has a better keypad than the last model and is quipped with an SD card slot. You can choose between RPN, Algebraic, and Textbook data entry. Not that this graphing calculator uses a lot of battery power. The advantages of this calculator are the high range of functions and the ease of programmability.

4. Casio fx-9860 GII (Engineersdaily's recommendation)

This versatile programmable calculator is very suir´table for complex jobs especially in exams where lots of calculations are needed under time pressure. Formulae can also be programmed easily. It also features a USB connection and comes handy with a cable to connect to your computer. More specs can be found at the link above.


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