Tag Heuer’s corporate hierarchy had been critical of Applewatch due to its attempt to change the traditional appearance of the watch that have classed the wrists of men for centuries. To incorporate smart technology in their “timeless” design as they call it, Tag Heuer has taken a year and now aims to release its first smartwatch with an Android platform.

The Tag Heuer Connected watch is the result of a team effort from Intel, Google and Tag Heuer itself with Intel providing the electronic part, Google the software and the parent company it’s signature appearance that people like. But, have no confusion about this, it is an ultra-luxury watch that costs around 1,500 $ and is only aimed at wealthy individuals who still want to own luxury watches, but with a smart twist. It can never be a competitor for Apple Watch as the price difference will probably eclipse any positive edge it has over the American company. It is also introduced with an unorthodox deal meant at increasing sales that involve trading it back to the company after two years and getting a 3,000 $ Tag Heuer luxury watch in return after paying 1,500$ extra. Luxury item lovers would love this sort of thing as they will get to show-off two watches within in a matter of years.


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