Now here is something cool you will appreciate. These apparently transparent monitors project a clear screen so magnificently that they can be used as a part of a real background. This is all a trick, but tough to achieve the right kind of light and appearance so that the desktop may appear as a part of the scenery.

These samples that we are discussing are are jaw-dropping real, and we haven’t seen anything like them before. But, to do so, the background and the wallpaper/screensaver should completely cover what’s back of the screen to create a lasting effect from a particular angle. Remember that the transparent appearance will be from a particular angle only.

Here is our selection of images. Which one do you like the best?

Here is how such a surreal set of pictures can be taken:
1. Clean up your desktop and set the background shade to green or any other unusual color that won’t hold true with anything else.
2. Set your DSLR and capture the snap of the place and angle where you want to make the laptop appear transparent before.
3. Place your laptop or another screen in place and now take photographs with that ridiculous background color in the desktop of the PC.
4. Open the two pictures in photoshop. Now I get it you know what we need to do here and why we selected that unnatural color for the background. The image on the screen needs to be on top.
5. Go to Select menu and choose Color Range.
7. Now place the eyedropper tool on the green screen, select the entire area of color surrounding it. You might need your photoshop skills to tweak the screen size a bit.
8. Now you can compile the set of these transparent screened laptops and follow a continuously learning process.


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