Glow sticks can light up in the dark and make kids’ parties fun-filled. However, check out the following DIY that will make you use of these glow sticks for something more than just a party accessory. You will require a clear mason jar or bottle for this – make sure that it is clean and nice. Check out the steps below and be sure to let us know what you think of it.

1. Safety first folks; wear gloves when you’re handling chemicals. 

2. Cut open the sticks

3.Let the glowing goo drip into the bottle. 

4.You don’t want it to drip to the bottom only. 

5.Make sure that the sides get covered and coated properly. 

6.Let the bottle sit outside or in open area for it to dry.

7.Turn of the lights to check out the bottle light up!

 8.These amazing effects are enough to light up any room

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