The process of paving roads has not seen much innovation in last few years. The job has never been easy and while the materials may have evolved over time, the process has remained as cumbersome as always. The process is about laying down a brick road by hand, one stone at a time. This is what RP Systems is trying to change by making use of the latest innovation; The RPS6 RoadPrinter. It employs a simple technique to facilitate the process of laying down a brick road.

The movable stand makes use of gravity to pull the arranged bricks from top and lays it down on the bottom where the road is to be laid. The workers arrange the bricks on top and this approach reduces a lot of pressure that the workers had to bear where they had to bend over for hours while trying to secure stone placement. Now they all remain in a good ergonomic position while they place the stones on top of this contraption.

The size of the road being laid can be adjusted at well. The machine is capable of creating roads of width ranging from 1 to 6 meters. According to manufacturer, workers require only brief training and 500 meters of road can be paved in a day. The machine can also cater for a number of different materials such as concrete stones, used stones and baked stones.


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